Bmw Wants Joint Effort To Develop Open-source In-vehicle Platform

DETROIT — BMW is developing an open-source platform for vehicle electronics. By taking the open-source approach, rather than using proprietary software, BMW aims to allow providers of infotainment services to formulate plug-and-play applications.

BMW is asking other automakers to join in its effort.

But four other automakers that together with BMW took part in a panel discussion Tuesday at Convergence 2008, a gathering on automotive electronics, are certainly not as far along within their consideration of a wide open-source platform.

Of the 5 panelists, only BMW’s declared that his company could have a wide open-source platform automobile of 200,000 or more units next 5 to 7 years.

Electrical and electronics engineers from BMW, Chrysler, Ford Motor, General Motors and Honda R&D participated on the panel.

The open-source Linux system was made by BMW, Wind River Systems Inc. and Intel Corp. to the in-vehicle infotainment market.

“We were convinced we’d to produce a platform that will allow for open software since the speed inside infotainment and entertainment industry requires us to be over a considerably quicker track,” said Gunter Reichart, BMW vice president of driver assistance, body electronics and electrical networks. “We invite other OEMs to sign up with us, to change around. We are open to interchange web-sites.”

An open-source platform fosters innovation by letting software vendors and Linux users to share with you ideas, fix problems and contribute code. The result is a platform that offers plug-and-play compatibility for infotainment products from any vendor.

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