Eight Things You Have In Common With Poison

Be sure to call Poison Control promptly if someone is bitten. You can’t just pick up and go; you need to crunch numbers, read the books, and take an intro course just to twat someone over the head with a sword. It specifically doesn’t reduce their resistance rolls or defenses – having someone hold off the boss defensively while you take out the minions is a great tactic. Gerry Great Hasted himself and then Angus, who then carved up a number of Mowgli (first cutting a noose one looped around him neck) and then carving the pentanther up next. There are a number of important facts that people need to understand about Urushiol oil, and the first is that it is very potent indeed. Make New Friends & Experiences — Always be open to feed the soul & spirit with new people and experiences. Any time you make the choice to put money ahead of people you are at risk of paying heavenly dues. In my anthropology work I have had exposure and access to a range of mythologies from people and places not well known (or known at all) by the general public, and a few of these are drawn from such obscure origins.

The template in GURPS Magic needs a little tweaking for my game – it lacks some traits it really needs to fit how undead work in my game in general. GURPS Action (specifically, in Action 2 – reviewed here) is “Basic Abstract Difficulty,” or BAD. This is just a way to turn the BAD concept into an in-game penalty for circumventing the “action movie” logic of a boss fight. So the PCs can just drive straight to the boss bad guy’s HQ and shoot him, but if the BAD is -8 or so, it’s going to be a rough fight even getting past his mook guards. As anyone who has ever seen any movie or played a side-scroller video game knows, the boss fight isn’t resolved with an alpha strike. This can work for non-minion situations – a boss dragon who has its essence in each of four pools (one for each element) that must be drained might be BAD -10 but lost -2 bad for one pool, -5 for two, -7 for three, and -10 if all four are drained. Poison is a twisted fairytale fantasy about one girl’s journey to reclaim her stolen infant sister.

Parliament passed “An Acte for Poysoning,” making willful murder by means of poison high treason even what if your dog eats chocolate the victim was not head of the government of the land. Yet even a woman cannot hold his attention when he smells food! It turned out to have an ornate throwing axe, some silver, and two vials of oil (turned out to be Thieves’ Oil, and they sold it). This oil content runs the highest in the spring and summer. We require much more when physically active in summer than when we sit indoors in winter. More landed and rushed them. Eight more goblins would take him down to -2, making him more and more vulnerable as his bodyguards go down. Further, an almost man-sized mowgli (SM 0) dropped down into the doorway and transformed into a full-sized bear! It bit at Hjalmarr, who whacked it three times and did nothing except have his axe bounce off. More lightning and then two more slashes killed the bear, and it dropped. Mo dropped his bow as a mowgli leaped at him with a wooden knife, and he fell (17 on Dodge) and was slashed with a clearly-poisoned tip! With the penthanthers dead and the bear down, the mowgli panicked and fled.

Hasdrubel zapped the bear with lightning, and it seemed to hurt it but not too badly. Hasdrubel blasted one into cinders as they ran for the trees, and perhaps 4-5 escaped out of 20 or so that had attacked. Then Hasdrubel nailed it with a 6d Lightning spell and stunned the bear. It bit the bear and held on. The bear had transformed from a bear into a bear-mowgli shape, and crouched down and readied its shield and axe while still ignoring lightning and axe strokes. The fifth and sixth went down to Minister. Spend some time cutting it down to -2 or -3 doing the kind of stuff you do in the first 75 minutes of a 90-minute caper or action movie, and now it’s a doable task. He sliced at that, cutting a strap and causing a shield and axe to fall to the ground. A quick glance at the shield showed it didn’t detect as magical, but it was clearly good (it’s a Targe of the Tiger, a variation of something in DF6), and the axe seemed normal. Worse, the shield had an embossed tiger head on it, which pushed out of the shield and bit. These players will typically ignore any sort of group strategy, simply going in face first with spells or steel bared and slugging it out as if it is truly they who is the main character of this story.

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