Facts About Guest Posting

The fastest way to grow blogs around the world is with guest posts. The hardest way to grow blogs around the world is with guest posts.

Guest posts are not easy and it requires a little work. To help you make guest posts a little easier, I have compiled tutorials on how to find, secure, and follow up with excellent guest posts.

Find Website

Thanks to the goggle blog search, it’s not difficult to find a hundred blogs in your niche. However, the best sites for sending guest posts are: A. accepts them and B. blogs that you have read and enjoyed.

Go with a site that you already know before you start looking for new ones. Trust me, even if the site is large, as long as they state that they received a guest post then you must be able to publish it there. If you can’t write something that is good enough then you have to do it until you can.

Do Your Research

You obviously need to check the site you choose to write and re-examine the requirements they have for guest posts. The last thing you want to do is to waste all the time the people involved by not following their posted instructions.

To make the content itself, I want you to see what the author already has on their site. See how they write, html what they like to use (bold, h tags, italics, quotes, lists, etc.) and try to put it in your writing. I also want you to see what writing styles and ideas have been published.

Ask yourself if you really bring something new to this audience, because if you don’t then you have to go back to the drawing board. One last place to look for ideas is in the author’s blog post comments. There you will find people asking questions or maybe even for certain topics that you can post.

Create an Initial Post

Once you have an idea and are ready to write, you must take the time to outline and prepare the post correctly. Get the main points and make various supporting bullets to follow with the main points. Then write one paragraph or more for each part of the outline, as well as the opening and closing paragraph.

Compact, thorough, and make this post the best post you have ever written. It should be so easy to read that Grandma can understand the point, but must be convincing and stimulate the mind at the same time. Push yourself and do it more than once to do it right.

Send an email to the Author

This does not bring as much skill as most people believe. All you have to do is say “Hello, my name is “abc” and I have written a guest post for you about the following subject. Can you check it out and let me know if you want to publish a guest post on your site” If not, can you give me ideas about what kind of posts do you want to publish on your site? Thank you! “abc”. [The guest shipment itself follows].

An alternative method for direct approach to ‘this guest post’ is to go to the author and list some of the posts that you are willing to write. The blog owner can then choose which he wants you to write for their blog. I really went this route with my first guest post here, at the Traffic Generation Cafe.


After a blogger accepts your guest post, you still need to follow up with an email when the date approaches the one to be published. People forget things and they appreciate if you give them a friendly reminder before the date of publication. I can really count on both hands how many times my post has been forgotten.

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